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Community Arts Preschool provides an environment that is safe, nurturing, and open to all learning possibilities and styles.

We encourage children to experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and try something new in their desire to succeed.

We focus on developing the creative potential of our students before Kindergarten. We offer a variety of creative choices on a daily basis:

  • Process-Oriented Art: not ‘projects’, but an opportunity to explore a medium with the satisfaction of involvement.
  • Music: time to sing, move, listen and make music.
  • Science: hands-on opportunities to better understand our physical world.
  • Group Times: time to share and learn about each other, listen to stories, do plays, gather information and enjoy contributing to the group.
  • Outside Time: lots of space to run, climb, swing, slide, dig and explore on our secure playground.
  • Always Available: blocks, puzzles, games, books, writing centers, fine and large motor-skill opportunities.